Friday, May 8, 2009

Help Support Duke!

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The other day, my daschund/chihuahua mix suffered from a compressed disk that the veterinarians at the local animal clinic believed to have ruptured. He lost movement in his back legs and also lost control over his bowels. Poor little guy had to be brought to the Twin Cities (a four hour drive south of where I am) to undergo surgery.

The surgery ran upwards of $4,000, and we donated every penny we could get to financing it. My family does not have health insurance, so all the money my mom was saving for her dental operation has been donated, as well as the money my family was planning to live on this summer.


If you wish to, you may donate at the bottom of the page. Leave your name and, if you wish, email, and I'll try and help you out if you ever need it in the future. I hate to ask for help on this, but we're in a tight spot.

Thanks to everyone who helps my family out. It means so much to us! I'll post the entire story soon as well as keep this post updated with all the recent information. He just got through with surgery yesterday and will be able to come home soon!

UPDATE: Duke was able to come home yesterday. He must be confined to a kennel for one month, leaving only for bathroom breaks and physical therapy. He is trying to put weight on his hind legs and can wag his tail, although we're still unsure of whether he is boing to the bathroom on his own or if it's just leaking out.

Right now, he looks a little like Frankenstein's monster, since his surgery has left him with 21 staples in his back.

Pics now up!

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UPDATE: Duke is now out of his kennel and walking. He's not 100% yet, but he's getting better!

Anonymous = $70
MsDoodahs of Liberty Forest - $100

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